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Sunday, 20 July 2008 03:31


ImageAs I was packing up and preparing to leave a day long event of celebrating Vancouver’s unique culture and anti-establishment attitude in late April 2008, I heard the term “Patriot Act”, and the name “Colin Powell” being blared out of the speakers from the other end of the park. Being the well trained political analyst and activist that I have become over the years, it has become impossible for me to hear the term “Patriot Act” and name “Colin Powell” both being mentioned at the same time without me feeling the need to interject. I started to push my way through the crowd to see what was happening on the stage. What I discovered was Conspirituality...

Gemineye, and Zaddik. Two of the most talented hip hop artists Canada has to offer, were on stage performing a song called “Ambushed.”  The unique mix of modern Hip Hop, political lyrics, and loops of instruments with Middle Eastern origins seemed to be the tonic needed to rejuvenate a tired audience that had already spent several hours in the hot sun. The park began to repopulate, and its energy restored.

Both Gemineye and Zaddik add their own unique elements to the duo. Gemineye is the political power, and Zaddik the spiritual enlightenment. Gemineye tells it how it is, and doesn’t let anyone off the hook. His lyrics are fast and packed with the truth that is intentionally hidden or distorted by today’s mainstream media - Truth that everyone needs to understand in order for us to move forward politically, and economically. I met with Gemineye a few weeks later at a coffee shop near Vancouver, and we had an intense 3 hour conversation that covered topics including 9/11, Watergate, US geopolitical strategy, the CIA, Tibet, Palestine, Zionism, Judaism, and Natural medicine. His mind is as quick as his lyrics – without a doubt the most intellectual musician I have ever spoken with. Zaddik is quieter off stage, but just as loud on stage. With his thoughts disclosed in his lyrics and his unique stage presence, Zaddik adds a level of spirituality you would not suspect to find in a hip hop duo. From Egyptology to Hinduism, Zaddik’s truth leaves nothing unexplored.



Conspirituality’s first album is due out soon. Hear them first at: http://www.myspace.com/conspirituality

As one may expect, Gemineye and Zaddik are both strong supporters of 9/11 Truth. They – as Canadian artists – will be doing their part in the 9/11 Truth movement by going to Ottawa for September 11th, and performing on Parliament Hill – bringing their message directly to the likes of Stephan Harper, Stockwell Day, and all the other criminals who work in the building on the Hill. (We know not all members of Parliament are criminals, but some indeed are)

In order to get to Ottawa, they will be traveling across the country with members of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society, and other concerned Canadians in the “Truth Bus”. Along the way, they will be stopping to perform, and to help spread the word of 9/11 Truth in Kelowna BC, Nelson BC, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Regina SK, Winnipeg MN, Thunder Bay ON, Sault Ste Marie ON, and Montreal PQ. (details at www.marchonottawa2008.org)

If you live in anyone of these cities, check their arrival times online, and don’t miss out on what promises to be a great show. Most of the logistics for these performances are being worked out from Vancouver, and organizational help is still needed in Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Sudbury. If you live there, and wish to help out in getting a venue (parks work fine) and doing some advertising, please contact the organizers at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it