Announcement - Annie Machon 2009 Canadian Tour
Written by Patrick Borden   
Sunday, 15 February 2009 14:16


Cambridge educated, blonde and beautiful, Annie Machon was MI5's dream recruit... until she blew the whistle on them for all their crimes.

She had been recruited on the promise that MI5 had been cleaned up, that they were no longer wasting their time spying on student and acitivist groups, and that this was a good job for someone who believed in her country.  Instead, what she saw were illegal phone taps, government ministers kept in line by the files kept on them, IRA bombings which could have been prevented, and state sponsored murder without accountability.

The final straw was a botched attempt to assasinate Colonel Gaddafi of Libya in 1996 and blame the murder on "Al Qaeda".  Gaddafi survived, but many innocents were killed in the ensuing shoot-out.

When Machon, and her former partner David Shayler, tried to report this incident, first  through official channels and then through the media they were forced into exile in France, where they spent three years on the run.

Machon will be telling us this story, the story of MI5's bungling, add a few choice episodes from our ow illustrious CSIS -- the Canadian counterpart to MI5 -- and tie it all in to 9/11 and the history of false flage terrorism.

Tickets are now available!!!

If you are looking to buy advance tickets, you have four options:
1. Go to the webmail page on our website. Send in the details of your order - Name, address, phone number, email, and number of tickets -- and make payment through clicking on the PayPal button.
2. Banyen Books -- for all those living on Vancouver's west side -- is selling tickets at their store. 604-737-8858
3. People's Coop Bookstore -- for all those living on Vancouver's east side -- is selling tickets at their store. 604-352-6442
4. You can also buy a ticket off a V911 member.


Media Blitz

You can help us out by contacting your favourite media and telling them how much you'd like to see them cover the event.  A comprehensive contact list for Vancouver media is available.

Posters and flyers will soon be available as pdfs which you can download and copy yourself - for now you can email us for originals.  If funds are tight but you have time to distribute flyers, please email us for copies.  You can also leave a voicemail message at: 604-608-5667.


Multimedia Machon

  For a preview of the event you may wish to view her talks in Chicago (2006) or Marin County (2008) .

There is also an excellent, recent interview available at 9/11 Blogger.

Confirmed engagements:

Vancouver , May 22nd

Victoria , May 24th

Ottawa , May 27th

Montreal , May 28th

Hamilton , May 29th

Toronto , May 30th

Waterloo, May 31st


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